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SNMP Trap Actions

SNMP Trap Actions enable you to send Corner Bowl Software SNMP Traps through Microsoft's SNMP Service.

Alert The Microsoft SNMP Service must installed and running on the same machine the Corner Bowl Server Manager Service is installed.

Corner Bowl Software uses the following SNMP Object Identifiers:

OIDMappingDescription Bowl Server ManagerDefines the one and only Corner Bowl Software SNMP Trap. MessageDefines the one and only Corner Bowl Software SNMP Trigger Variable that is fired with all traps.

For more information see: SNMP Server Settings.

To create an SNMP Trap Action

  • From the Menu Bar select File | New. The Create New Object View displays.
  • Select Alerts and Actions. The New Action view displays.
  • Use the Name text box to specify a unique name.
  • From the Type drop-down select SNMP Trap.
  • Use Message text box to specify the message you would like to display.
    Use the Variable Variable Button button to specify variables you would like to include in the message (e.g. {HOST}).

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