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SNMP Device Connection Properties

Corner Bowl Server Manager enables you to browse and monitor SNMP Variables from any device that support SNMP.

To enable SNMP connectivity:

  • From the Explorer view, locate the SNMP host you would like to monitor, right click then select Host Properties. The Host Properties view displays.
  • Select the SNMP tab.
  • Check the Enabled check box to enable SNMP connectivity.
  • Use the Version drop-down to select the SNMP version.
  • Use the Port text box to specify a non-standard port. The default port is 161.
  • Use the Timeout text box to specify a socket connection timeout. The default timeout is 15 seconds.
  • If you are connecting using SNMPv3 (V3), use the Username text box to specify your login username.
    • Use the Authentication method drop-down to select the authentication method.
    • If choose to authenticate using MD5 or SHA-256, use the Auth Password text box to specify your login password.
      • Use the Privacy drop-down to select the privacy algorithm.
      • If choose a DES or AES-256 privacy method, use the Privacy password text box to specify the privacy password.
  • Use the Get and Set text boxes to specify the SNMP communities.
  • Once you have specified the required parameters, click the Test button to verify the software is able to connect to the SNMP device.
  • Click the SNMP Browser button to open the internal SNMP Browser.

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