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File Actions

File actions enable you to save executable metadata and content (e.g. Report content and triggered log entries) to CSV, HTML, PDF and UTF-8 text files.

To create a File Action

  • From the Menu Bar select File | New. The Create New Object View displays.
  • Select Alerts and Actions. The New Action view displays.
  • Use the Name text box to specify a unique name.
  • From the Type drop-down select Save to File.
  • Use the Filename text box to specify the filename to generate or click the Browse Browse Button button to select the target file.
    Use the Variable Variable Button button to specify variables you would like to include in the filename (e.g. {HOST}).

    The following file extensions are supported:
    .csvGenerates a CSV file.
    .html and .htmGenerates an HTML file using either the default or the assigned HTML template.
    .pdfGenerates a temporary HTML file then converts the HTML file to a PDF file.
    .txtGenerates a UTF-8 text file.
  • Select from one of the three options:
    OverwriteOverwrites the previous file.
    BackupBacks-up the previous file to a sub-directory called backup then renames the file being backed-up to [FILENAME]_[yyyyMMddHHmmss].[EXTENTION] where [yyyyMMddHHmmss] is the current date and time.
    AppendWhen saving to either CSV or TXT formats, opens the exiting file then appends metadata and executable content such as report content and triggered log entries.

Save to HTML

  • Use the Override the default HTML template option to specify your own HTML template. If selected, use the Data table template control to select the .html file to use in-place of the default file:
    C:\Program Files\Corner Bowl\Server Manager 2022\HtmlTemplates\data-template.html
    Information If you prefer to exclude metadata from the header of each file, there is a tables only template called:
    C:\Program Files\Corner Bowl\Server Manager 2022\HtmlTemplates\data-tables-template.html
    Information When selecting the file, the Select File dialog returns the file system content relative to the server the service is running rather than relative to the file system the Management Console is running.
  • use the Include graphs checkbox to include historical graphs when applicable (e.g. CPU Load over Time).
  • use the Include timeline checkbox to include the timeline image (e.g. Ping Monitor Uptime).
Save to HTML properties

Save to CSV or Text

  • Use the Include metadata option to include metadata in the header.
    • When selected, metadata about the Report or Monitor is included at the top of the file above the attached data tables. The table name, group by options and row count is then included above each attached data table.
    • When de-selected, the metadata is excluded from the Report or Monitor. The table name, group by options and row count is then excluded from each attached data table.
    Save to CSV properties

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