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Assign Service Logon As Credentials

When accessing remote Windows hosts the account the service is running as is used to access Windows resources such as Windows Shares, WMI, SQL Server, Active Directory and Exchange Server. In order for the service to access these Windows resources, the service must run with either domain or local administrator credentials.

Information If your requirements do not allow for you to run as a domain administrator, you also have the option of using our Agent-Based Templates which enable you to run the service as the System Account then anonymously receive log files from remote servers. For more information see: Agent Server.
Alert If you are monitoring hosts on another domain or hosts that have not joined a domain, you need to apply impersonation credentials to each host which the service account is unable to access. For more information see Windows Logon As Properties.

To change the service logon as credentials:

  • From the host the service is installed, open the Console.
  • Select Service > Change Service Logon.
  • Specify either a domain administrator or local administrator username, password and domain. If the service fails to start because of a logon failure, check the credentials and try again.

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