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MySQL Data Provider Properties

The Data Provider Properties view enables you to view and modify a Data Provider's settings.

To view or modify a MySQL Data Provider:

  • Use the Server text box to specify the hostname the MySQL database is installed.
    Information If the database is installed on the localhost, specify localhost.
  • Use the Database text box to specify the database.
  • Use the Username text box to specify the MySQL user name.
  • Use the Password text box to specify the MySQL user's password.
  • Use the Connection timeout text box to specify the maximum time to wait for an available connection in the connection pool before timing out.
  • Use the Execution timeout text box to specify the maximum time to wait for SQL statements to complete before timing out.
  • Check Hash Mode to add hashing to each saved log entry often used in Italy to fulfill government compliance requirements.
  • Click the Test button to check the settings.
  • Click the Save button to save the settings.
    Information When saving a Log Database or Log Archive Database, if the database does not exist, the database and several tables are automatically created.
  • Click Delete to permanently delete this object.
    Alert Log Database and Archive Log Database objects cannot be deleted.
    MySQL Properties

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