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Quota Violation Errors

A Quota Violation is thrown by the WMI Service running on the target machine when Server Manager requests the contents of a large Event Log (e.g. 400 MB) for the first time. This error can also be triggered when the WMI Service has run out of total allowed memory. You have 3 options to resolve this error:

To limit the download date range:

  • From the Explorer view, navigate to the computer throwing the Quota Violation error.
  • Expand the computer and locate the Event Log Consolidation Template.
  • Right-click and select Template Properties. The Template Properties view displays.
  • Select the Rules tab.
  • If you have not been able to download any entries, set the Initial number of days to download to 1 day of log entries.
  • If you have previously downloaded entries, check Download in batches of then set the number of hours for each batch. If the issue persists, decrease the number of hours and try again.
  • Click OK.

To backup and clear the event log:

  • From the Explorer view, expand the Hosts node then expand the computer throwing the error and right click on the template that is throwing the error.
  • Select the Native Event Log File Properties tab.
  • From the Log drop-down list, select the log throwing the error.
  • Click Backup and Clear Log.

To increase the WMI quota:

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