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Duplicate Files Reports

The Duplicate Files Reports enable you to either manually on-demand scan any disk or directory then, using your own criteria, generate a report a report that lists duplicate files and optionally schedule the to be emailed to you or output to a file, for example, a CSV file.


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WindowsRemote WMI and Windows Shares

How to create a Duplicate Files Report:

  • From the Menu Bar select File | New. The Create New Object View displays.
  • From the Create New Object View, expand Report | File and Permissions Reports then select Duplicate Files Report. The Properties View displays.
    Information Unlicensed report types appear in gray text. If you would like to create a report that is not currently licensed, please contact Corner Bowl Software to upgrade your license.
  • The Properties View contains 6 configuration tabs.

How to configure the Duplicate Files Report

  • Use the Match name check box to define a duplicate file when the names are the same.
  • Use the Match size check box to define a duplicate file when the file sizes are the same.
  • Use the Match last modified check box to define a duplicate file when the last modified date and times are the same.
  • Use the Match contents hash check box to scan each file, generate a hash based on the file contents, then define duplicate files when the content hashes are the same.
    Duplicate Files Report Properties

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