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Server Configuration

By default, the server runs unencrypted on port 21843. You can configure to server to run on TLS 1.2 and on the port of your choosing.

The configuration is implemented through the tcpserver.json file located in the programdata directory. The default location is:
C:\ProgramData\Corner Bowl\Server Manager\tcpserver.json

To configure the server to encrypt communications:

  • From the Windows Server that the service is installed, use the Windows Certificate Manager to install a SSL certificate.
  • Once you have a valid SSL certificate installed, open a command prompt as Administrator.
    Information For more information on how to create a self-signed certificate see:
  • Type:
  • From Notepad, select File | Open.
  • Select:
    C:\ProgramData\Corner Bowl\Server Manager\tcpserver.json
  • Find TlsConfiguration | Enabled then set the value to true.
  • Find TlsConfiguration | Certificate then set the value to one of the following values found in the Windows Certificate Manager:
    AttributeSample ValueSearch Order
    Serial Number 5C588F17F5225B9C4CE09E9D42E0DB94 3
    Subject Distinguished Name CN=LocalhostName,OU=IT,O=\"Corner Bowl Software\",L=Kamas,S=Utah,C=US 2
    Subject Name LocalhostName 4
    Alert The local machine store is searched first. If the certificate is not found, the current user store is searched.
  • Save your changes.
  • From the Windows Service Control Manager, restart the Corner Bowl Server Manager 2022 service.
    Alert If you have configured the Management Console to save your password, the first time you login after either enabling or disabling TLS 1.2 you will need to wait for the connection to timeout.

JSON Configuration File Reference

    "Host": "",
    "Port": 21843,
    "IdleTimeout": 300,
    "ReceiveTimeout": 120,
    "SendTimeout": 120,
        "Enabled": false,
        "Certificate": null,
        "RequireRemoteCertificate": false,
        "AllowSelfSignedCertificate": false,
        "CheckCertificateRevocation": false,
        "AllowCertificateChainErrors": false

To connect from the Management Console:

  • Launch the Corner Bowl Management Console
  • Configure the options accordingly then click Login.

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