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Active Directory User Monitor Template

The Active Directory User Monitor Template enables you to trigger actions when an Active Directory user property is set to a specific value (e.g. Get notified when the lastlogon property is greater than 7 days). This template is typically used by systems administrators that want to be notified when specific Windows user account properties are set to a specific value.

How to configure the Active Directory User Monitor Template:

  • From the Menu Bar, select File | New. The Create New Object View displays.
  • From the Create New Object View, expand Templates | Windows Monitors then select Active Directory User Monitor. The New Template Properties View displays.
  • The Template Properties view contains 4 tabs.

The Options Tab

  • Use the Directory Services drop-down to select the directory service connection you would like to monitor.
    Information If you have not yet configured the directory service connection, click the Add Add Button button to create a new Directory Service Connection. For more information see: Directory Services
  • Use the Warning trigger and Critical trigger controls to set the trigger thresholds.
    Information If you do not see the property you want to monitor listed, use the Property down-down text box to specify the property name then assign the corresponding Data Type.
  • Click the Test button to verify the template is configured property and the monitor executes as expected.
  • Finally, select the General Tab, then click the click the Auto-Generate Name Auto-Generate Name Button button to auto-generate a name based on the configured settings.

Host Assignment

  • Assign the template to either of your domain controllers or the locahost.
    Alert Assigning this template to multiple domain controllers on the same domain will result in duplicate triggers.

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