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File and Directory Monitor Templates

File Integrity MonitorValidates the integrity of operating system and application files.Disk Monitor
File Size and Activity MonitorMonitor file sizes and activity (e.g. Get notified when a file size exceeds 1 GB or is inactive for 10 minutes).Disk Monitor
File Collection and RetentionBackup files to a central location and delete expired files (e.g. Copy database backups to a central location then delete old backups no longer needed).Disk Monitor
Directory Size MonitorMonitor directory sizes (e.g. Scan a directory every hour and trigger an alert if the size exceeds a threshold).Disk Monitor
Directory Watcher MonitorMonitor, log and trigger actions when a directory or file is created, modified, renamed or deleted without using Object Access Auditing (e.g. Monitor all changes made to a secure directory).Disk Monitor
Directory CleanerSchedule old data files to be deleted (e.g. Once a week delete database backups and IIS log files that are older than 30 days).Disk Monitor
Delete Temporary FilesSchedule the service to remotely delete temporary files (e.g. Delete temporary files that were last modified 3 days ago).Disk Monitor

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