SIEM, IPS, Server Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring and Compliance Software
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Network and Application Monitor Templates

Database MonitorVerify the availability and performance of a database server (e.g. Get notified when a database query is slow to respond).Internet Server Monitor
Directory Service MonitorVerify the availability of an LDAP Directory Service server (e.g. Get notified when your domain controller is no longer responding).Internet Server Monitor
DNS Blacklist MonitorMonitor DNS Blacklists (e.g. Get notified when your email server is blacklisted).Internet Server Monitor
DNS MonitorCheck the availability of a DNS server and the accuracy of a record (e.g. Get notified when an MX record is not returning the expected value).Internet Server Monitor
Domain Expiration MonitorVerify the expiration date of a domain on a WHOIS server (e.g. Get notified 30 days prior to expiration).Internet Server Monitor
Network Speed MonitorVerify the speed your network (e.g. Get notified when your data transfer rate falls below an unacceptable threshold).Internet Server Monitor
Ping MonitorChecks the availability of a host and response time of an ICMP ping packet and payload (e.g. Get notified when 7 of 9 pings timeout).Internet Server Monitor
SSH ShellCheck the availability of an SSH server and run SSH shell scripts.Internet Server Monitor
TCP Port MonitorVerifies a TCP port is accepting connections and optionally returns expected results (e.g. Scan a proprietary TCP based service for availability).Internet Server Monitor
Website MonitorVerify a website is responsive and returning the expected results (e.g. Trigger an alert if a website returns a 500 error).Internet Server Monitor