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Target Files and Sub-Directories

The Files and Sub-Directories tab found within various directory monitor templates enables you to specify the directories, sub-directories and file types to target.

  • From the Directories tab, select each target directory.
  • Check the Monitor sub-directories option to trigger actions for each sub-directory rather than the target directory. This option enables you to trigger actions for dynamically created sub-directories such as User data directories.
  • Check the Recursively scan sub-directories option to configure the software to target files found in all sub-directories.
  • Use the Exclude sub-directories drop-down box to add any sub-directory found in the tree that you would like to exclude from the template. For example:
  • Use the Target files drop-down to only target files that match your search criteria.
    For example: *.log
    To target filenames that contain the current date, specify a date and time search criteria.
    For example:
    For more information see: Custom date and time format strings
  • Use the Ignore files drop-down to ignore any files that match your search criteria.
    For example: ignore-me.log

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