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12x Faster Log Management Tool Released

October 19th, 2021

Kamas UT: Corner Bowl Software Corporation announces the release of Corner Bowl Server Manager 2022 (CBSM 2022) today.

This new log management and ransomware attack monitoring tool is able to quickly respond to new requirements with a proprietary agent-based solution which removes the requirement to run services as a domain administrator and at the same time provides 12 times faster Security Event Log backup and centralization.

In addition to providing tools to backup mission critical audit log files including Windows Event Logs, Syslogs, Linux Audit Logs, and any text-based Application Log, CBSM 2022 now includes an optional agent-based solution enabling CBSM 2022 to centralize all Security Event Logs without the requirement of domain or local administrator accounts circumventing Windows Security.

Other features include support for Azure Active Directory Audit Logs, Ransomware Monitoring, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), File collection and data retention policy enforcement and a host of other features.

Michael Janulaitis, CEO and creator of the software said, “We have many customers in the defense industry and in our discussions with several, we have learned new security protocols are being implemented that do not allow Windows Services to run with elevated Administrator privileges. We were able to quickly respond to these new requirements with our agent-based solution removing the requirement to run our services as a domain administrator while at the same time providing 12 times faster Security Event Log backup and centralization.”

Janulaitis added, “CBSM 2022 detects Ransomware attacks using our new File Integrity Monitor (FIM) which continuously monitors operating system, application and mission critical data files for user access, changes made to file content, attributes and access permissions on both Windows and Unix based servers.”

Other features of the new 2022 Corner Bowl Software management tool include:

  • New SIEM reports scan and filter all centralized log files then merge results to a single view.
  • All directory and file monitors are updated to support SFTP/SSH and FTP/S enabling any log file anywhere to be monitored and centralized.
  • The Windows Syslog Server throughput is significantly increased with the help of a new Nagle’s algorithm implementation that reduces the time to write syslog entries to the central log database by using database transactions when elevated load is detected.
  • CBSM 2022 is now Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant.
  • SNMP Traps are now automatically saved to the central data repository providing network hardware audit trails for compliance officers.
  • Better viewing from cell phones with a re-designed Email alert system.
  • Remote monitoring and compliance software is a fraction of competitors’ cost.

Since 2002, Corner Bowl Software Corporation a Utah USA based company has provided Log Management and centralized Event Log Management Solutions and Tools. Its client base includes enterprises in the US, UK, EU, Middle East, and Australia across public and private industries. Corner Bowl Software offers remote session support, quick customer driven feature turnaround, a self-service portal to register Air-Gapped servers and below market pricing. The founder, Michael Janulaitis, has over 25+ years experience providing software to the IT, aerospace, defense, military, banking and higher education industries.

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