CMMC and NIST Compliance Software for the Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry

Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry

Defense, Aerospace and Space Compliance and Auditing Software Tool

Out-of-the-box CMMC and NIST compliance

Corner Bowl Server Manager is a robust and versatile tool designed to assist organizations in various industries, including defense, aerospace and space, in meeting strict compliance requirements set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Here's how it aids in meeting these standards:

Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry

Security Event Log Management:

The software efficiently collects, archives, monitors, and reports on Windows Event Logs, crucial for meeting CMMC/NIST guidelines that require regular review and management of security logs to identify and mitigate potential security threats.

Compliance Reporting:

Corner Bowl Server Manager offers a range of compliance reports tailored to specific CMMC/NIST standards. These reports simplify the process of demonstrating compliance during audits and ensure that all necessary data is readily available and organized.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts:

The tool provides real-time monitoring of servers and network devices. Immediate alerts are generated in response to any deviations from predefined standards or detected security threats, enabling swift action to be taken, which is essential for maintaining CMMC/NIST compliance.

Patch Management:

CMMC/NIST emphasizes the importance of regular software updates as a defense against cyber threats. Corner Bowl Server Manager assists in tracking and managing software patches, ensuring that all systems are up-to-date with the latest security patches.

File Integrity Monitoring:

It includes file integrity monitoring capabilities, which are critical for CMMC/NIST compliance. This feature tracks changes to critical system files and configurations, alerting administrators to unauthorized modifications that could signify a security breach.

Access Control and User Activity Tracking:

The software monitors and records user activities, providing detailed logs. This aligns with CMMC/NIST's requirement for stringent access control and monitoring of user activities to prevent unauthorized access and detect insider threats.

Network and System Performance Monitoring:

Besides security, maintaining optimal system performance is vital. Corner Bowl Server Manager monitors network and system performance, ensuring that any performance issues that could impact security or operations are quickly identified and addressed.

Customizable and Scalable:

The tool is highly customizable and scalable, making it suitable for the complex and varied environments typical in the defense, aerospace and space industry, where requirements can vary widely.

Corner Bowl Server Manager offers a comprehensive suite of tools that help the defense, aerospace and space industry not only meet but also maintain compliance with CMMC/NIST and JISG standards, ensuring robust security and operational efficiency.


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Last Updated: March 21st, 2024