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Formal Hands-On Compliance and Auditing Training

Get in-depth formal hands-on compliance and auditing training for your entire team.

with Corner Bowl support.

We've recently conducted formal training both on-premises and remotely to several of our air gapped customers. Our time spent with these customers has been invaluable for both our customers as well as Corner Bowl Software. We've taken what we have learned and are now offering formal training classes to all our customers both air gapped and networked.

Whether you are using Corner Bowl Server Manager to implement compliance controls, such as those found in the DoD's JSIG, CMMC, NIST, CJIS, PCI/DSS or GDPR, or, you are using Server Manager to monitor servers, monitor user activity or detect and block on-going attacks, our classes will help you maximize your network's performance while maintaining the highest level of user, application and systems monitoring available.

What's Included?

  • 10 hours of class time spread over 3-5 days, depending on your schedule.
  • An Azure Lab Windows 11 Pro Workstation VM.
  • Remotely manage a Windows Domain Controller, an Active Directory Server, a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, an Ubuntu Server and your own Windows 11 Workstation.
  • Daily hands-on exercises.
  • Personal remote Q&A sessions.
  • Certificate of training.

How it Works?

  • Each day we meet in Microsoft Teams then each student connects to their own Azure Lab VM with we provide.
  • Students follow along and, with the help of the instructor, complete daily in-class exercises.
  • Students are assigned homework each day which they complete using their own Azure Lab VM.
  • Each students' work is evaluated and critiqued via email or a remote session.

What you will Learn?