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We've got you covered. Everything from Event Log Consolidation to Disk Space Monitoring to Internet Server Monitoring.

Minimize downtime with Server Manager! A powerful low cost server monitoring and management solution that monitors user activity and proactively manages your server's resources.


Event Log Management

  • Event Log Consolidation
  • Event Log Monitor
  • Event Log File Backup
  • Account Lockout Monitor
  • Event Logon Reports
  • Account Lockout Reports
  • New Accounts Reports
  • Account Management Reports
  • Object Access Reports

Security Event Log Compliance Reports

Syslog Management

  • Syslog Server
  • Syslog Consolidation
  • Syslog Monitor
  • Syslog Relay
  • Text Log Consolidation
  • Real-Time Text Log Monitor
  • CSV File Monitor
  • Idle File Monitor
  • File Size Monitor

Text Log Management

Disk Monitors

  • Free Disk Space Monitor
  • Consumption Rate Monitor
  • SMART Monitor
  • Enterprise-Wide Disk Summary Reports
  • Directory Monitor
  • Directory Cleaner
  • Temporary File Cleaner
  • Real-Time File Access Monitor
  • File Size Monitor

Directory Monitors

File System Reports

  • Duplicate Files Report
  • Largest Files Report
  • Recently Accessed Files Report
  • Least Accessed Files Report
  • Performance Counter
  • Process Monitor
  • Process Resource Monitor
  • Registry Value Monitor
  • Windows Service Monitor

Windows Server Monitors

Website Monitors

  • Domain Expiration Monitor
  • HTTP/S Server Monitor
  • Website Content Monitor
  • IMAP Monitor
  • POP3 Monitor
  • SMTP Monitor
  • DNS Blacklist Monitor

Email Server Monitors

Database Monitors

  • Microsoft SQL Server Monitor
  • MySQL Monitor
  • Oracle Monitor
  • ODBC Monitor
  • CPU Monitor
  • Memory Monitor
  • Throughput Monitor
  • Enterprise-Wide CPU Inventory Reports
  • Enterprise-Wide Installed Memory Reports

Performance Monitors

Certificate Monitors

  • Remote SSL Certificate Expiration
  • Windows Server SSL Certificate Expiration
  • Digital Certificate Expiration
  • Active Directory Monitor
  • Ping Monitor
  • TCP Port Monitor
  • DNS Monitor
  • FTP Monitor
  • SNMP Get Monitor
  • SNMP Traps
  • Synchronize Clock Function

Other Server Monitors



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