SIEM, Log Management, Security, Compliance, Server Monitoring and Uptime Monitoring Software

SIEM, Security Auditing, Server Monitoring,
Network Uptime Monitoring and Compliance Solutions

Cost-effective Solutions with Unmatched Support

Solutions for Air Gapped, On-Premises and Cloud Infrastructure

Security Information and Event Management

Log Management | Log Collection | Log Retention

Manage Azure, Windows, Linux, and network device logs. Agentless and Agent-based options for Windows and Linux.

Security Auditing

Active Directory | User Activity | Permissions | File Integrity Monitoring

Monitor Active Directory changes, user activity, file access permissions and file integrity.



Out-of-the-box compliance controls and over 100 built-in security reports to prove compliance.

Threat Detection, Notification and Remediation

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) | Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Detect intrusions in real-time, notify and take meaningful action to automatically block attacks.

Server Monitoring

CPU | Memory | Disk Space | Services | Resources

Monitor critical system resources and applications on Windows and Linux Servers and Docker Containers.

Network Monitoring

Ping | Network Speed | TCP Port Scanning

Built-in tools to monitor ICMP Ping response times and network packet transfer rates and scan open TCP ports from managed systems to any endpoint.

Application Monitoring

Database | LDAP | Docker Containers

Monitor database performance, result sets, LDAP content, and Docker Container performance.

Website Monitoring

HTTPs | SSL Certificates | Email | DNS | FTP

Monitor website performance, content, SSL certificates, DNS records, blacklists and much more.


Automate | Deploy | Remote Execute

Schedule and automate tasks, PowerShell scripts and executables on any managed system.

BI Dashboard Integration

Power BI or any other BI Platform

Seamlessly integrate with any BI Dashboard Platform with our open history and log database schemas.


Last Updated: May 19th, 2023