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Military Industry

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In the highly regulated environment of the military industry, adhering to the Joint Special Access Program (SAP) Implementation Guide (JSIG) is crucial. Corner Bowl Server Manager is an essential tool that aligns with JSIG's stringent compliance requirements, particularly in sections AU-2, AU-5, and AU-11, ensuring the security and integrity of sensitive information.

Additionally, Corner Bowl Software offers formal on-premise and cloud-based JSIG compliance training and certification courses, further aiding military organizations in understanding and implementing these critical standards.

Military Industry

Compliance with JSIG Sections

  1. Section AU-2 (Auditable Events) Compliance:

    • Event Log Management:

      Server Manager excels in logging and monitoring a wide range of security-relevant events as required by JSIG. It enables the identification and documentation of events that could affect the security of the system, ensuring that all actions that could potentially impact security are auditable.
    • Comprehensive Reporting:

      The software provides detailed reports on security events, aiding in the audit process and ensuring transparency and accountability in operations.
  2. Section AU-5 (Response to Audit Processing Failures) Compliance:

    • Real-Time Alerts:

      Server Manager immediately notifies administrators of audit processing failures, such as log full conditions or errors in logging. This rapid response capability ensures that issues are addressed promptly, maintaining the integrity and continuity of audit logs.
    • Automated Remediation:

      The system can be configured to respond automatically to certain types of failures, helping to ensure continuous compliance even in the event of system anomalies.
  3. Section AU-11 (Audit Record Retention) Compliance:

    • Secure Log Storage and Archiving:

      The software supports extensive log management, including secure storage and archiving of audit logs. It enables customization of retention policies in line with JSIG requirements, ensuring that logs are preserved for the required duration in a compliant manner.
    • Accessibility and Integrity:

      Server Manager maintains the integrity and accessibility of archived logs, crucial for later review or investigations, thus adhering to the stringent record-keeping mandates of the JSIG.

Additional Features Supporting Military Operations

User Activity Monitoring and Access Control:

Monitoring user activities and managing access rights is critical in a military context. The software provides comprehensive user activity logs and robust access control features.

File Integrity Monitoring:

Ensuring the integrity of system files and configurations is vital. The tool alerts to unauthorized file changes, aligning with the JSIG's focus on protecting critical information.

Network and System Performance Monitoring:

The software ensures that system performance issues that could impact security or operational efficiency are quickly identified and addressed.

JSIG Compliance Training and Certification Courses

Recognizing the complexity and the critical nature of JSIG compliance, Corner Bowl Software offers formal training and certification courses. These programs are designed to equip military personnel and contractors with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement and manage JSIG compliance effectively.

On-Premise Training:

Tailored to the specific environment and needs of the military unit or contractor. Hands-on training sessions that allow personnel to interact directly with Server Manager and learn in a real-world context. Focus on practical application of JSIG requirements using the software, enhancing the understanding and skills of the personnel.

Cloud-Based Training:

Offers flexibility and accessibility, enabling personnel to participate in training sessions remotely. Interactive online modules that cover the breadth of JSIG compliance and the use of Server Manager in meeting these standards. Regular updates to course material, ensuring that training remains current with the latest JSIG amendments and software updates.

Both training formats include:

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Covering key aspects of JSIG compliance, including AU-2, AU-5, and AU-11, and how Server Manager supports these requirements.


Upon completion, participants receive a certification, demonstrating their proficiency in JSIG compliance and the use of Server Manager.


For the military industry, where compliance with JSIG is non-negotiable, Server Manager is an invaluable tool. It not only meets the specific requirements of sections AU-2, AU-5, and AU-11 but also enhances overall security and operational efficiency. Coupled with Corner Bowl Software’s comprehensive training and certification courses, military organizations are well-equipped to uphold the highest standards of information security and compliance as mandated by JSIG.


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Last Updated: March 21st, 2024