SIEM, Server Monitoring, Compliance and Auditing Software for ISSM's and IT Professionals

SIEM, Server Monitoring, Compliance and Auditing Software

Maximize your network security, gain user activity insight and implement compliance requirements

with Corner Bowl Server Manager

According to a survey done by the World Economic Forum, Cyber insecurity is the 4th biggest global risk we face in 2024 and beyond. As a leader in the classified systems space for JSIG compliance software, we are addressing our largest IT related global risk everyday, cyber insecurity.

Our flagship product, Corner Bowl Server Manager, will not only help your organization implement compliance controls and audit policies for CMMC, NIST, JSIG, CJIS, PCI/DSS, NERC CIP, ISO 27001 and GDPR, monitor network, server and application performance, but also provides your organization with real-time Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems keeping your IT infrastructure secure while providing you and your team with invaluable user activity insight.

Corner Bowl Server Manager Overview Video

Security Information and Event Management

SIEM | Log Collection | Log Retention | Log Monitoring

Manage Azure, Windows, Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu and network hardware logs. Agent-based and agentless options for Windows and Linux.

Server Monitoring

Resources | Windows Services | Applications

Monitor CPU, memory, free disk space, Windows Services, network applications including web servers, email servers, databases, Active Directory, DNS servers, DNS records, SNMP and much more.

File and Directory Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring | Directory Size Monitoring

Detect ransomware attacks, fulfil FIM compliance requirements, monitor file and directory sizes on Windows, Linux, Red Hat and Ubuntu. Agent-based and agentless options for Windows and Linux.

Threat Detection, Notification and Remediation

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) | Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Detect intrusions in real-time, notify and take meaningful action to automatically block active cyber-attacks and prevent new cyber-attacks.

Uptime Monitoring

Ping | Website | Network Speed

Get notified as soon as your network performance degrades with Server Manager's ICMP ping monitor, website availability and content monitor and network speed monitor.

SSL Certificate Monitoring

Windows and Website SSL Certificates | Code Signing Certificates

Get notified before your SSL certificates expire, SSL certificate chains expire and mission critical code signed files expire or their code signatures are no longer valid.


Automate | Deploy | Remote Execute

Automatically manage and monitor new hosts discovered in Active Directory and schedule and automate tasks, PowerShell scripts and executables on any managed system.

Advanced Filtering

Simple Filters | Complex Multi-Level Filters

Easily create filters while reviewing log entries, apply grouped attribute value pair rules, regular expressions and multi-level rules.

Notifcation and Remediation Actions

Email | Microsoft Teams | SMS | Save To File | PowerShell

14 different types of fully customizable notifications and remediation actions to make sure you get notified, degraded services are restarted and cyber-attacks automatically blocked.

Supported Platforms and Databases

Microsoft SQL Server

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Last Updated: March 21st, 2024