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Remediation, Notifications and Alerts

Corner Bowl Server Manager includes 13 different types of notifications, alerts and remediation actions. Automatically block traffic, restart services, execute PowerShell Commands and remediate. Don't see what you are looking for? We pride ourselves on added functionality when requested. Please let us know what you are looking for and we'll get it added.

Send Emails
Send fully customizable email notifications and alerts for display on desktops and phones. Attach and compress reports and monitored files. Includes Microsoft Graph API support.
Send Microsoft Teams Messages
Send notifications and alerts to Microsoft Teams Channels via Incoming Webhook Connector.
Send SMS Messages
Send text messages through several SMS providers such as Twilio or use your carrier's SMS gateway to send text messages through your email server.
Execute PowerShell Commands
Use our Agent to locally execute Powershell commands and scripts directly on managed systems. For example, call New-NetFirewallRule to add Windows Firewall Rules when DoS and Phishing attacks are detected.
Launch Executables and Scripts
Remote launch your own custom Powershell scripts, batch files and executables.
Manage Windows Services
Remote stop, start and restart Windows Services. For example, restart SQL Server when during maintenance windows when the service's memory consumption exceeds a threshold.
Display Desktop Notifications
Client/Server architecture enables you to receive real-time notifications on your desktop or laptop.
Add IIS IP Restriction Rules
User our Agent to automatically block DoS and Phishing attacks on your managed IIS Web Servers.
Fire SNMP Traps
Need to integrate into your enterprise systems? Fire Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps when critical events are detected.
Write to File
Write, append and backup scheduled reports to HTML, CSV, TXT and PDF file formats.
Write Event Log Entries
Write fully customizable alerts and notification Events to any Windows Event Log on any machine.
Send Syslog Messages
Send fully customizable Syslog alerts and notifications and relay Syslog messages to another server.
Execute Monitor Templates
Execute other Monitor Templates when a monitor's state changes. For example, stop and restart Windows Services when backing up files that may be locked.


Last Updated: December 23rd, 2023