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Server Manager includes extensive in-application help.
To view the in-application help, from the Menu Bar, select Help | Contents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I register if my server is air gapped or blocked by a firewall?
    To register an air gapped server log into our website then select Order History found in the upper right corner. From the Order History page, find the target license then click Register Air-Gapped Server and follow the instructions online.
  • Do I have to run the service with Domain Administrator credentials?
    No you do not :) Server Manager includes a Agent which enables you to bypass Windows Security. For more information see: Agent Server.
  • How do I migrate Server Manager to another server?
    For more information see: Installation Instructions.
  • What ports do I have to open on my firewall to download remote Windows Event Logs?
    If downloading using WMI see: Setting up a Remote WMI Connection.
    If downloading using our Agent open port 21843. For more information see: Agent Server.
  • I am getting a 'Access Denied' error.
    For more information see: Access Denied Errors.
  • I am getting a 'Quota Violation' error.
    For more information see: Quota Violation Errors.
  • I am getting a 'The File Exists Errors' error.
    For more information see: The File Exists Errors.
  • I am getting a 'RPC server is unavailable' error.
    For more information see: The RPC server is unavailable Errors.
  • Can I store my log data in Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition?
    You may use SQL Server Express Edition, however, it not recommended for large environments. SQL Server Express Edition has a limit of 10 GBs. Once this limit is reached, no additional data will be saved to the database resulting in errors and the possibility of data loss.
  • I want to monitor Event Logs, Disk Space, CPU and two Services. How many nodes will that require?
    Each Windows Server consumes one node from your license regardless if you assign one template or 10 templates to the host.
  • How many machines can I install Server Manager on?
    You may install Server Manager as many hosts as you would like so long as the total number of managed nodes across all installations does not exceed the number of licenses nodes. Each installation consumes a minimum of one license node.
  • If I install the Management Console on my computer, does that use one of my licenses?
    The Management Console does not consume any license nodes, only the Service consumes license nodes. You may install the Management Console to as many machines as you like.
  • How can I get an invoice after I have purchased a license?
    To generate an invoice, log into our website then select Order History found in the upper right corner. From the Order History page, find the target order then click View Invoice. From the View Invoice page, click Print. Finally, if you are using Chrome, change the destination to Save as PDF, then click Save.

Last Updated: May 17th, 2024