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Video Tutorials and Articles

Server Manager 2022

Real-Time Windows File System Auditing with Server Manager 2022
Simple SIEM Reports with Server Manager 2022

Event Log Manager 2021

Event Log Manager 2021 Overview
Agent-Based Event Log Management
How to Centrally Consolidate Event Log Entries to SQL Server
Log Monitoring
How to Create Event Log Management Audit Reports
Azure Active Directory Audit Log Monitoring
How to Centralize and Backup Windows Event Log Files
How to Centralize and Backup Linux Log Files
Backing Up and Centralizing IIS Log Files
How to Centrally Consolidate Syslog Entries
Syslog to CSV File
File Integrity Monitoring
Monitoring SNMP Traps and Variables

Server Manager 2018

An Introduction to Corner Bowl Server Manager
How to Configure Microsoft SQL Server - Part 1
How to Consolidate Windows Event Logs - Part 2
Real-Time Account Lockout Monitoring
How to Generate Account Management Audit Trails for SEC Compliance
How to Consolidate Syslog Messages
How to Forward or Relay Syslog Messages
How to Consolidate and Monitor IIS Log Files
How to monitor SNMP Traps and create SNMP Get monitors
How to Monitor Email Blacklists
How to Automatically Configure Servers Listed in Active Directory
How to Create a Directory Permissions Report
How to Monitor Free Disk Space
How to Create a Real-Time Directory Size Monitor
How to monitor Website SSL Certificate Expiration
How to Migrate to New Server

Last Updated: September 26rd, 2021