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Disk Monitoring and Reporting with Corner Bowl Server Manager

How to Configure the Disk Monitor Template

How to Assign the Disk Monitor Template to your Enterprise Servers

Continuing from the section above, from the Assignments View:

  • Use the Hosts drop-down to assign specific Enterprise Servers.
    Assign Individual Enterprise Servers
    Assign Individual Enterprise Servers
  • Use the Host Groups drop-down to assign an entire group, for example Domain Controllers.
    Templates are automatically assigned and unassigned from each host when the host is assigned and unassigned from host groups.
    Assign a Group of Enterprise Servers
    Assign a Group of Enterprise Servers
  • Click Close, then when prompted, save your changes.
    Notice the error stating the name is already in use. Server Manager includes a sample Disk Space Monitor Template with the same default name. To get past this error message, select the General Tab then either click the Auto-Generate Name Auto-Generate Name Button button or specify a unique name.

Analyzing Disk Space

How to Configure Disk Space Summary Reports for all of your Enterprise Servers

Once you have assigned your Disk Monitor Template to all of your target hosts or host groups the target hosts reside, you are ready to create a daily Disk Space Summary Report.

Last Updated: March 21st, 2024