SNMPv3 Trap and Device Monitoring Software Tool for ISSM's and IT Professionals

What is Corner Bowl SNMP Monitor?

Corner Bowl SNMP Monitor is an extensive enterprise-class software monitoring and management tool for IT professionals that enables your organization to continuously monitor SNMP devices by listening for SNMP Traps and Getting SNMP Variables. SNMP Monitor is a sub-component of Server Manager which includes over 50 different types of monitors.

Monitoring SNMP Traps and Variables Video

SNMP Trap Listener

  • Monitor SNMP Traps, send email notification alerts and execute PowerShell scripts.
  • Saves all SNMP Traps to the log database.
  • Includes a MIB Loader to automatically map SNMP Object Identifiers (OIDs) to friendly names.
  • Supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3.
  • SNMPv3 supports FIPS compliant AES-256 and SHA-256 encryption and hashing algorithms.
SNMP Trap Monitor Template | SNMP Trap Consolidation Template

SNMP Get Monitor

  • Monitor SNMP variables with SNMP Get operations.
  • Send notification alerts and execute corrective actions when SNMP variables exceed trigger thresholds.
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SNMP Browser

  • SNMP Browser supports SNMP GET, GETNEXT and WALK operations.
  • Create SNMP Get Monitor Templates and trigger criteria directory from the SNMP Browser.
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Managed Device / SNMP Agent

  • Corner Bowl is an SNMP Agent that simplifies management by aggregating all of your Managed Devices without the need to install SNMP Agents on each Managed Device.
  • Includes am out-of-the-box SNMP Trap Action enabling network administrators to forward triggered monitors to either the local SNMP Manager (Corner Bowl) or to external enterprise SNMP Managers (e.g. Fire an SNMP Trap when free disk space exceeds a critical threshold).
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How does Corner Bowl do it?

  • Corner Bowl starts an SNMP Trap Server then listens for SNMP Traps.
  • The SNMP Trap Server automatically adds any new device sending SNMP Traps then saves the SNMP Traps to the log database. Finally, assigned actions are triggered.
  • SNMP device variables are scanned using SNMP GET operations then trigger criteria applied to data typed variables.
  • SNMP Trap Actions are fired though our own Microsoft SNMP Agent DLL enabling network administrators to utilize the built-in SNMP Service provided on all Microsoft's operating systems.

Supported SNMP Versions

SNMPv1RFC 1157
SNMPv2RFC 1411, RFC 1452
SNMPv2cRFC 1901 - RFC 1908
SNMPv3RFC 3410

Supported SNMP Data Types

  • Integer
  • Integer32
  • Unsigned32
  • Gauge32
  • Counter32
  • TimeTicks
  • Counter64
  • Octet String
  • IpAddress
  • Object Identifier

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