SIEM, Log Management, Security, Compliance, Server Monitoring and Uptime Monitoring Software

Log Entry, AD, Entra ID, SNMP and Process Filters

Unlimited Filtering Options

Filter by Object Type
  • Log Entries (e.g. Event Log, Syslog, Text Log and Azure Entra ID Audit Log)
  • Active Directory OUs (e.g. Host properties)
  • SNMP Traps (e.g. SNMP numeric variables values)
  • Windows Service/Processes (e.g. CPU load and memory consumption)
Filter Builders

3 types of filter builders provide Network Administrators with the tools to create the simplest of filters all the way to code driven filters.

  • Simple
  • Complex
  • C# Script

Filter by Example

Use the various real-time entry viewers and consolidated entry viewers to create filter criteria from existing data.

Simply locate the entries of interest, right click on an entry and select Filter Selected Entries.

Each selected entry can be added to a new filter or appended to a pre-existing filter.

Simple Filters

The simplest filter criteria builder.

Features Include:

  • Inclusion and exclusion option
  • Object type specific options (e.g. Event Log Levels)
  • Integer ranges and enumerations (e.g. 100-200, 201, 202)
  • Regular Expressions and match case
  • Criteria ordering and re-ordering

Complex Filters

Graphically build complex hierarchical filter criteria.

Features Include:

  • Recursive grouping
  • Logical operands: 'And' and 'Or
  • Boolean operands: 'Is' and 'Is Not'
  • Categories (e.g. Syslog Priority and Facility)
  • Operands: <, <=, >, >=, ==, !=, Contains and Does not Contains
  • Grouped Attribute Value Pairs (e.g. Filter Security Event Log Entries)
  • RegEx and match case

C# Script Filters

Script your own complex filters with our C# Scripting Editor.

Features Include:

  • Templates for each object type (e.g. Event Log, Syslog, Text Log and Azure Entra ID Audit Log entries)
  • Syntax checking
  • Property auto complete
  • An internal compiler with line and column error output

Last Updated: March 21st, 2024