Automate Log Management, Server Monitoring and Compliance Implementation

Automated Network Management Software

Automate log management, server monitoring, compliance control implementation and security audit report generation

with Corner Bowl Server Manager

What is an Auto-Configurator?

Auto Configurators enable network administrators to synchronize Corner Bowl hosts with Active Directory hosts. Once added to Corner Bowl, hosts are then assigned to various Host Groups, Templates, Template Groups, Reports and Report Groups.


  • Target specific Organizational Units (OUs)
  • Apply complex Active Directory filters
  • Append domain names to discovered hosts
  • Remove decommissioned hosts

How to Automate Corner Bowl Server Manager for Centralized Log Management with our Auto-Configurator

How Do Auto-Configurators Work?

  • When scheduled, Auto-Configurators scan your Active Directory tree from the target OU optionally recusing child OUs.
  • Newly discovered hosts are filtered then added to Corner Bowl.
  • Templates and Reports are assigned.
  • When a host is discovered that was previously added to Corner Bowl, Templates and Reports are re-assigned ensuring baseline monitoring and reporting is adhered too.
  • Finally, previously added hosts are verified in Active Directory. If no longer present, for example when a server is decommissioned, the host is removed from Corner Bowl while leaving previously saved log entries intact in the Log Database for Auditors to inspect upon request.
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Last Updated: December 23rd, 2023