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Corner Bowl Software Product Licensing

Install one application. License what you need. Upgrade anytime.

Corner Bowl Software offers multiple licenses that enable you to purchase just the functionality you need. For example, if you only need to centralize and monitor Windows Event Logs, you can purchase an Event Log Manager license at a discounted price.

Bundle and save 48% with a Server Manager license.

So which license is right for you? For more information check out our Product Comparison.

Sold in Node Packs

Corner Bowl Software products are sold in node packs. Each unique IP address or hostname that is monitored, scanned or managed by the software is a node. Corner Bowl Software can be installed on a single host or up to as many hosts as nodes purchased.

For example, a 100 node license would enable an IT professional to install the software on 3 servers with one installation monitoring 50 servers and the other two installations monitoring 25 workstations each for a total of 100 nodes.

What's Included?

  • FREE first year of support and maintenance
  • Perpetual license, no subscription necessary
  • Unlimited data storage
  • On-Premise installation
  • Industry leading support
  • Maintenance renewals at 30% the current list prices
  • Multi-year renewal discounts available
  • Add or remove nodes anytime, contact sales

How To License?

Once you have purchased a license, a license key will be emailed to you. If you purchase through a reseller, a claim link will be emailed to you enabling you to retrieve your key from this website. Once you have your key, you will register online using the Corner Bowl Management Console installed with all of our software packages. Your server's MAC address will transmitted to our licensing server and a license file will be automatically created and installed on your server.


Are you in the defense or banking industry? Licensing software in these environments can often be time consuming and difficult. Corner Bowl Software provides you with a simple web form on this site so you can register your air gapped installations when it's convenient for you. Simply login, click Order History located in the upper right corner, find your license then click Register Air-Gapped Server. The web form will provide you with the necessary instructions to generate your license file.