SIEM, Log Management, Security, Compliance, Server Monitoring and Uptime Monitoring Software
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SIEM, Log Management, Server Monitoring and Uptime Monitoring.

Get compliant by centrally storing and monitoring Windows Event Logs, Azure Audit Logs, syslogs, application logs and SNMP traps from any system or device. Monitor server resources such as CPU, memory, disk space, directory size and process resource consumption. Restart services, kill processes, remote launch custom scripts and fire SNMP Traps. Monitor SSL Certificates, websites, email servers, DNS blacklists, FTP servers, databases and much more. Supports Windows, Linux, Unix and other hardware devices such as switches, routers and firewalls.

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Corner Bowl Software offers multiple licenses that enable you to purchase just the functionality you need. For example, if you only need to monitor Syslogs, you can purchase a Windows Syslog Server license at a discounted price.

When you purchase a license from Corner Bowl Software you can install both Server Manager 2018 and Event Log Monitor 2021. It's your choice which product to use.

Event Log Manager does not yet have all of the monitors found in Server Manager, however, functionality found only in Server Manager is being added to Event Log Manager on a monthly schedule.

So which product and license is right for you, Corner Bowl Event Log Manager 2021 or Server Manager 2018? Check out the product, feature and license matrix below.

License Feature
Server Manager 2018
Event Log Manager 2021
Server Manager Event Log Manager Windows Event Log Retention, Monitoring and Reports
Azure Audit Log Retention, Monitoring and Reports
Real-Time Account Lockout Monitor
Real-Time Logon Monitor
Account Lockout Reports
Security Event Log Compliance Reports
Agent Based Windows Event Log Management
Windows Syslog Server Syslog Retention, Monitoring and Reports
Text Log Monitor Text Log Retention, Monitoring and Reports
Disk Monitor Disk Space Monitor
Directory Size Monitor
Directory Watcher
File Activity Monitor
File Collection and Retention
File Count Monitor
File Integrity Monitor
File Size Monitor
SMART Disk Monitor
Schedule Directory Cleanup
Schedule Disk Defragmentation
Schedule Temporary File Cleanup
File and Directory Access Permissions Reports
Duplicate Files Report
Largest Files Report
File Extension Report
Recently Accessed Files Report
Least Accessed Files Report
Visual Directory Size Browser
Internet Server Monitor CPU Monitor
Memory Monitor
Ping Monitor
TCP Port Monitor
DNS Blacklist Monitor
SSL Certificate Monitor
Windows SSL Certificate Monitor
Digital Signature Monitor
Active Directory/LDAP Monitor
DNS Monitor
Database Monitor (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, ODBC)
Domain Expiration Monitor
Email Monitor (SMTP)
Email Monitor (IMAP, POP3)
Network Throughput Monitor
Performance Counter
Process Monitor
Registry Monitor
Windows Service Monitor
SNMP Browser
SNMP Get Variable Monitor
SNMP Trap Monitor and Actions
SNMP Trap Retention
Website Monitor
Schedule Clock Synchronization
All Network Summary Reports
Managed Host Inventory Reports
Monitor Hierarchy
Log Management Audit Summary Reports

Last Updated: August 20th, 2021