SIEM, Log Management, UEBA, Security, Compliance, Server Monitoring and Uptime Monitoring Software

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  • Centralized agentless and agent-based Event Log Manager
  • Saves Event Log Entries to SQL Server and MySQL
  • Downloads, compresses and backs up native Event Log EVTX files
  • Real-Time Event Log Monitoring
  • Azure Active Directory Auditing
  • 100+ Security Event Log Reports
  • Compliance Software for PCI/DSS CMMC, NIST, JSIG, CJIS and GDPR.
  • Processes up to 100,000 Syslog messages per seccond.
  • UDP, TCP and SSL Windows Syslog Servers
  • Saves Syslog messages from all of your network devices to SQL Server or MySQL
  • Includes log entry proximity sensors
  • Supports RFC 5424 and 3164
  • Compliance Software for PCI/DSS CMMC, NIST, JSIG, CJIS and GDPR.
  • Centralized Application Log Management
  • Saves Text Log Entries to SQL Server or MySQL
  • Downloads, compresses and backs up raw text log files
  • Real-Time Text Log Monitoring
  • Define complex log entry delimiters
  • Monitors and normalizes IIS log files and any other W3C file
  • Support Windows, Red Hat Linux and Unix using Windows Shares, SSH, SFTP and FTP/S
  • Centralized Disk Monitoring
  • Identifies largest directories and files
  • Generates File Access Permissions Reports
  • Includes File Integrity Monitors
  • Monitors directory sizes and file activity
  • Real-Time monitors directory contents
  • Support Windows, Red Hat Linux and Unix using Windows Shares, SSH, SFTP and FTP/S
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Ping and TCP port scanning
  • SNMP Trap and variable monitoring
  • Windows CPU, Memory, Performance Counter monitoring
  • Windows Service and process resource monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • Email server and DNS blacklist monitoring
  • Website and SSL Certificate monitoring
  • and so much more...

Feature Breakdown


Event Log Manager

Windows Syslog Server

Text Log Monitor

Disk Monitor

Internet Server Monitor

Server Manager

Security Reports

100+ Security Event Log Compliance Reports
Account Lockout Report
Success Logons Report
Failed Logons Report
Logon Sessions Report
New Accounts Report
Account Management Report
Security Group Management Reports
Object Access Reports

Summary Reports

SIEM Reports
Log Management Audit Summary Reports
Network Summary Reports
Host Inventory Reports

File and Permissions Reports

File and Directory Access Permissions Reports
Duplicate Files Report
Largest Files Report
File Activity Report
File Extensions Report

Log Management

Azure Entra ID Audit Log Consolidation
Event Log Consolidation
Syslog Consolidation
Text Log Consolidation
Log Entry Retention Policy
Event Log File Backup
Text Log File Backup
Azure Entra ID Audit Log Monitor
Event Log Monitor
Syslog Monitor
Text Log Monitor

File and Directory Monitors

Delete Temporary Files
Directory Cleaner
Directory Size Monitor
Directory Watcher
File Collection and Retention
File Integrity Monitor (FIM)
File Size and Activity Monitor

Windows Monitors

Account Lockout Monitor
Active Directory User Monitor
Active Directory User Integrity Monitor
Logon Monitor (Real-Time)
CPU Monitor
Memory Monitor
Disk Space Monitor
SMART Disk Monitor
Performance Counter
PowerShell Script
Process Monitor
Registry Value Monitor
Windows Service Monitor
Clock Synchronization
Defragment NTFS Disks
Task Scheduler (Executables and PowerShell Scripts)

Network and Application Monitors

Active Directory/LDAP Monitor
Database Monitor (SQL Server, MySQL)
Domain Expiration Monitor
DNS Monitor
DNS Blacklist Monitor
Network Speed Monitor
Ping Monitor
SQL Server Shrink and Backup
SSH Shell
TCP Port Scan Monitor
Website Monitor

SSL Certificate Monitors

SSL Certificate Monitor
Windows SSL Certificate Monitor
Digital Signature Monitor

Email Monitors

End-To-End Email Monitor
SMTP Monitor
IMAP Monitor
POP3 Monitor

SNMP Monitors

SNMP Get Variable Monitor
SNMP Trap Consolidation and Retention
SNMP Trap Monitor

Log Consolidation Reports

Azure Active Directory Audit Log Reports
Event Log Reports
Syslog Reports
Text, CSV and W3C Log Reports
SNMP Trap Reports


Agent Based Windows Event Log Management
Monitor Hierarchy
SNMP Browser
Visual Directory Size Browser

Last Updated: March 21st, 2024