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Centrally monitor Windows Services, the resources they consume and schedule restarts

with Corner Bowl Server Manager

What is Corner Bowl Windows Service Monitor?

Corner Bowl Windows Service Monitor is an extensive enterprise-class software monitoring and management tool for IT professionals that enables your organization to continuously monitor Windows Services and the resources they consume. Windows Service Monitor is a sub-component of Server Manager which includes over 50 different types of monitors.

Windows Service Status Monitor

Server Manager includes a Windows Service Status Monitor enabling you to verify the current status of a service, restart crashed services, restart services at an interval, such as nightly, and stop services that should not be running. The Status Monitor even enables you to pass command-line arguments when starting or restarting services.

Windows Service Resource Monitor

Server Manager includes a Windows Service Resource Monitor enabling you to monitor the resources a service consumes. For example, trigger an email notification or even restart a service when it consumes too much CPU utilization, memory, threads, handles and much more. All of the properties found in the WMI Win32_Process class can be monitored along with CPU Utilization.

Corner Bowl Server Manager Overview Video

How does Corner Bowl do it?

Depending on your requirements, Server Manager utilizes several different technologies to scan managed hosts:

  • You can optionally use our Windows client-side Agent to bypass Windows Security and instead use our proprietary FIPS compliant TLS 1.2 application layer protocols to scan and manage machines faster and more reliably than native technologies such as remote WMI. When utilized, our software does not require administrator log on as access credentials nor are logon events generated on domain controllers minimizing our software's footprint on your network.
  • Otherwise, Windows servers are managed using remote WMI.

Once scanned, resources consumption is calculated then trigger criteria applied. If a Windows Service's consumed resources trigger the monitor, actions are fired, for example, restart the triggered service and send an email notification alert to your IT management team.

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Last Updated: March 21st, 2024