What's new in Corner Bowl Server Manager 2023?

Server Manager 2023 - What's New?

What was Added?

Extended Batch Functions

  • Added new batch edit Reports and Actions functions.
  • Extended batch edit Templates to enable users to update the General, Actions and Assignment properties when multiple templates of different types are selected.
  • The Explorer View enables users to right click on any Host, Report, Template or Action group then batch update the directly assigned objects.
Batch update menu items
Batch update menu items.

Optimized SQL Statements for Big Data

  • Users can now add Event ID values to SQL search criteria significantly reducing the time required to execute table scans when generating reports.
SQL query optimizations
SQL query optimizations.

Added Audit Workflow

  • A new workflow has been added called Audit Work Items that enables system administrators to automatically flag reports for auditor approval. When flagged, then executed via the scheduler, reports are saved to a binary file enabling auditors to review reports at any time regardless of the log entry retention policy. Auditors can flag log entries and accept and reject reports. Auditors and system administrators can also write unlimited comments with date, time and author fields.
Audit workflow view
Audit workflow view.

Extended Security Settings

  • The security access model now includes root access enabling system administrators to define any Windows account as a root Server Manager account, then optionally remove domain and local administrators from configuring Server Manager, deleting consolidated log entries and clearing Security Event Logs.
Root, administrator and read-only security settings
Root, administrator and read-only security settings.

Added SIEM Charts

  • The charting library has been replaced with a major new version providing faster drawing and more customization.
  • The SIEM Charts Report has been extended to include numerous chart customization options.
  • A new HTML Template option has been added so SIEM Chart Reports can be fully customized.
A collection report of SIEM chart reports
A collection report of SIEM chart reports.
SIEM chart settings
SIEM chart settings.
SIEM chart html template settings
SIEM chart html template settings.

Added Unassigned Templates Report

  • Added a new function to list all templates that are not being used enabling users to quickly remove unnecessary templates from the software.
Unassigned template report
Unassigned template report.

Added Remote Software Installation Feature

  • The Agent can now be used to remote install software applications simplifying application deployment on secure networks.
Remote software installation configuration
Remote software installation configuration.

Added Log Viewer Settings

  • The log viewers have been updated to enable users to define the columns they would like to see, group by options, sort by options and regular expressions applied.
Added new log viewer settings
Added new log viewer settings.

Extended Active Directory Functionality

  • All Active Directory group drop downs now list the available security groups.
Active Directory user and group query
Active Directory user and group query.

System Requirements

What was Dropped?

Data Providers

  • CosmosDB
  • Elasticsearch


  • C# Script Filters

Last Updated: March 14th, 2023