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Active Directory Auto Configurator Updated

February 06, 2020 Technology News

Kamas, UT – Corner Bowl Software ( – Today Corner Bowl Software released a major update to its flagship offering Corner Bowl Server Manager. The CEO of Corner Bowl Software, Michael Janulaitis said, "The most exciting feature is the AI Auto Configurator which is used to define new servers and workstations. In large environments, the AI Auto Configurator is a very powerful tool enabling the application to automatically add and monitor new and renamed servers without any interaction." When executed, the AI Auto Configurator scans an Active Directory tree or targeted organizational unit for computers. When found, each is filtered through a property filter (e.g. operatingSystem contains Server) and an exclusion list. Once filtered, each computer is added to the system. Finally, targeted Monitors and Reports are assigned to each computer.

The CEO added, "In addition to the AI Auto Configurator, the top features of the Corner Bowl Server Management are: 1) KPI reporting via of event logs for compliance requirements; 2) KPI event monitoring for notifications of server events to identify DoS attacks; 3) enterprise wide disk space monitoring and temporary file management; 4) proactively delete expired database backups; 5) real-time monitoring enabling administrators understand impact of users personal files; 6) process monitoring of CPU usage; 7) DNS blacklist monitoring; 8) network throughput monitoring; 9) SSL certificate expiration monitoring; 10) enterprise wide resource usage summary reports; and 11) real-time alerts to mobile devices when action needs to be taken."

Corner Bowl Software offers video educational tutorials for users to facilitate the implementation and operation of the application, as well as monthly newsletters highlighting new features. Air-gapped customers now can register and update their installations via a self-service process through Corner Bowl Software's customer portal eliminating the need to contact support.

Corner Bowl Software is owned and operated entirely in the United States and provides software solutions to the defense, banking, medical and IT professional services industries. Corner Bowl Software was originally founded by Michael Janulaitis in 2003 then sold for profit in 2012. In 2018 Michael Janulaitis re-acquired Corner Bowl Software and he is once again solving IT's compliance and monitoring requirements.

Michael Janulaitis
Corner Bowl Software
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