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Corner Bowl Log Manager 2020 Release Candidate Available for Download

April 9th, 2020

Dear Existing Customer,

I am excited to announce the release candidate of Corner Bowl Log Manager 2020. Log Manager 2020 has been built from the ground up addressing many issues I discovered working with thousands of customers since my first release in the early 2000's.


  • Agent-based log upload support
  • Azure Relay support for Work From Home (WFH) users
  • Elasticsearch NoSQL data storage
  • Azure CosmosDB NoSQL data storage
  • Normalized Security Event Log filters
  • C# Script filters
  • Updated Event Log Consolidation algorithm to address the dreaded Quota Violation error.
  • Architected for real-time mobile app support.
  • And I have a few more features, like scheduled database backups on the way.

I started this project 5 years ago and after a lot of ups, downs and many very long days and nights I am finally ready to start working with you. I’ve gated my downloads so please use this email account to log into my website so you can download the release candidate and play around with it. I really want to find out what you think of the new package and please let me know what I did wrong so I can fix it!

Log Manager 2020 does not replace Server Manager. Instead it provides new log management specific functionality. Log Manager is backward compatible with the Server Manager Log Repository formats so you can use the same databases for both applications.

If you used the original Log Manager, I hope you like the re-focus on Log Management. I will be continually adding functionality until eventually the new code base replaces the functionality offered by Server Manager but that will take some time.


Thank you,
Michael Janulaitis
Corner Bowl Software
Phone:  801-910-4256