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Management of Work From Home Employees Simplified

April 13th, 2020

Kamas UT: Corner Bowl Software Corporation announced their release of Corner Bowl Log Manager 2020 today. Log Manager 2020 includes integration into the #1 open source log monitoring platform Elasticsearch, integration with Microsoft’s CosmosDB, includes agent-based log consolidation and enhanced Security Event Log filtering. CEO Michael Janulaitis said, “The number one issue I see working with customers is related to data retention. IT professionals will now be able to store massive amounts of data, search it really fast and seamlessly store it for as long as their auditors require them to keep it.”

Log Manager’s integration into Elasticsearch enables organizations to pull log data from their entire network using existing operating system agents, store the data in fast NoSQL format, then leverage existing open source tools such as Kibana to quickly create their own data visualization.

CosmosDB integration enables organizations to utilize the Azure platform to off-site unlimited amounts of mission critical data and literally trivializes log entry retention policy implementation. Performance throttling is handled thorough the Azure Portal.

Log Manager’s new agent-based functionality provides administrators with the tools to push logs from remote systems into their central log repository enabling employees of regulated organizations such as banks and local governments to work from home (WFH) without a costly VPN in place. Log Manager has also included integration with Microsoft’s Azure Relay so WFH users won’t need to open ports on their firewall to upload logs providing simple off the shelf deployment. Michael Janulaitis also said, “With recent global events, I’ve received several requests to pull logs from WFH networks. Log Manager’s new architecture allowed me to quickly shift and add the tech into the product with little effort. Once I completed the feature, I was surprised to see Log Manager consistently downloads logs over the cloud in approximately 8.5% of the time or around 12 times faster than when using DCOM over a VPN.” In addition, users can now push logs from problematic servers generating sporadic “RCP Server is Unavailable” errors.

Windows Security Event Log filtering has also been enhanced. Log Manager now normalizes the entries so users can create filters based on the groups of attribute value pairs found in each Security Event Log entry. Users can also create their own infinitely complex code driven filters then compile them within the software for lightning fast execution with its new fully integrated C# scripting support.


Corner Bowl Software Corporation a Utah USA based company that has been providing server monitoring, log management and compliance software to IT professionals since the early 2000’s. Corner Bowl offers remote session support, quick customer driven feature turnaround, a self-service portal to register Air-Gapped servers and below market pricing.

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