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Agent Based Event Log File Backup Released

July 1st, 2022

Kamas UT: This agent based event log file backup and analyzer, CB22, released by Corner Bowl Software is revolutionizing the defense industry at a tenth of the price of other companies.

At a time when budgets are deeply scrutinized and watched, CB22 analyzer saves your organization money and time.

This CB Event Log Manager 2022 enables organizations to be STIG and NIST compliant without the need for administrator credentials. The CB22 analyzer collects event logs from distributed Windows devices. This event log monitoring collection is incorporated in Corner Bowl’s log file backup architecture.

The agent can be deployed to any server in the network or sub-net. The CB22 Agent Based Event Log File Backup Template requests Event Logs are backed up then uploaded to the Management Server for remote storage. Backed up Event Log Files are compressed then optionally encrypted using FIPS compliant AES.

CEO, Michael Janulaitis “The security and defense industry requires absolute security and the ability to keep a close eye on the pulse of the network environment. The software needs to be easy to set up and easy to use and manage. This cuts time while running audits. This is exactly what our CB22 analyzer delivers. Our clients receive outstanding service and individual support when needed at a fraction of the cost of similar products.”

Auditing Air-Gapped Machines for JSIG, CMMC and NIST Compliance with Corner Bowl Event Log Manager

Since 2002, Corner Bowl Software Corporation a Utah USA based company has provided Log Management and centralized Event Log Management Solutions and Tools. Its client base includes enterprises in the US, UK, EU, Middle East, and Australia across public and private industries. Corner Bowl Software offers remote session support, quick customer driven feature turnaround, a self-service portal to register Air-Gapped servers and below market pricing. The founder, Michael Janulaitis, has over 25+ years experience providing software to the IT, aerospace, defense, military, banking and higher education industries.

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Event Log Backup General Settings
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