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24/7/365 Cloud-Based Uptime Monitoring Services Pricing

24/7/365 Cloud-Based Uptime Monitoring Services

Corner Bowl Software offers 24/7/365 cloud-based uptime monitoring services enabling your organization to get notified when your public Application Services, such as websites, email servers, DNS servers and ICMP pings, are no longer responding or experiencing degraded performance. Create up to 10 monitors with 15 second checks. Supports over 50 different monitor types. Receive custom email notifications that include your personalized subject lines and body including your organization's logo.

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Product SKU Nodes Price
Cloud-Based Uptime Monitoring Services (1 Monitor, 1 Year) MS-1 1 $50
Cloud-Based Uptime Monitoring Services (10 Monitors, 1 Year) MS-10 10 $200