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File Integrity Monitor Released

June 10th, 2021

Kamas UT: Corner Bowl Software Corporation announced today it has released new File Integrity Monitoring functions in Corner Bowl Event Log Manager 2021. The new file integrity monitor functions enable customers to use Corner Bowl Software to comply with PCS/DSS Section 10.5.5, various GDPR Articles and other compliance specifications.

Founder, Michael Janulaitis said, "We had several customers ask for File Integrity Monitoring functionality this year so we reviewed several compliance specifications such as PCI/DSS and GDPR and responded with a new monitoring template called File Integrity Monitor. The new template enables users to recursively scan directories, target as well as exclude specific files, file types and sub-directories, to create a baseline which is later used on a daily or weekly basis to validate the integrity of mission critical files."

Corner Bowl Software also includes Real-Time Object Access Auditing enabling customers to receive real-time notifications when files are created, accessed, modified, moved and deleted. Included in the notifications are the user's account name and the IP address of the computer they used to modify or delete the files.

Corner Bowl Software Corporation a Utah USA based company that has been providing server monitoring, centralized log management, and compliance software to IT professionals since the early 2000’s. Corner Bowl Software also offers cloud-based 24/7/365 server monitoring, professional services, remote session support, quick customer driven feature turnaround, and a self-service portal to manage licenses and Air-Gapped servers.

File Integrity Monitor Properties

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