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Frequently Asked Questions

I bought a Server Manager license for X nodes. How many separate installations of the software can I have?

You may install Server Manager as many times as you’d like as long as the total number of nodes managed across all of the installations does not exceed the number you are licensed for.

Can I run Server Manager on a computer that is not connected to the Internet?

Yes. An Internet connection is only required for licensing and to check for updates. However, if no Internet connection is available on the computer where the software is installed, please login to our website select Order History in the upper right corner, select your license then click Register Air Gapped Server and follow the instructions.

If I install the Server Manager Console on my computer, does that use one of my licenses?

Licenses are only used for computers, devices, or hosts that have a Monitor assigned to them. If you are monitoring something on your computer it will use a license. You may install as many management consoles as you’d like.

I assigned a monitor to a device I no longer wish to monitor. What should I do?

Simply un-assign all Monitors from it and that license will free up automatically and you can use it to monitor another device.

Can I store my log data in Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition?

You may use SQL Server Express Edition, but it not recommended. The reason is because SQL Server Express Edition has a limit on the maximum size that a database can be. Once this limit is reached, no additional data will be able to be committed to the database, resulting in errors and a potential for loss of data.

I want to monitor three Event Logs, Disk Space, CPU, Memory and two Services on one of my Windows servers with Server Manager. How many licenses will that require?

The Windows server itself would be considered to be a single node, whether you monitor one thing on that Windows server or one hundred things.