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Quickly configure your production servers to centrally consolidate Security Event Logs to SQL Server while simualtaneously gaining critical insight into your user activity.

Features at a Glance

  • Consolidate Event Logs, syslogs as well as non-standard application log files
  • Schedule detailed compliance reports
  • Monitor logs in real-time or per user defined schedule
  • Backup, compress, encrypt and password protect Event Logs
  • Create and assign simple or complex regular expression filters
  • Fire multiple types of alerts, notification and actions including SNMP traps
  • Automatically truncate and archive consolidated logs
  • Merge multiple log files into a single view
  • View Windows Event Log files (EVT and EVTX)
  • View large log files quickly with minimal system resources
  • Monitor Active Directory and automatically configure new computers
  • Optionally stores data to SQL Server or MySQL.
  • Single installation monitors your entire network.
  • Includes tray icon status.
  • Supports fully customizable email alerts as well as many other types of notifications and actions including desktop popups, remote execute and SNMP traps.
  • No installation requirements on managed computers

Event Log Management

The Windows operating system and many 3rd party Windows Services and applications use the Windows Event Log system to log informational, warning and error information used by System Administrators to help identify application errors. Corner Bowl Log Manager monitors (real-time or scheduled), consolidates and archives Event Logs to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or the file system.

Syslog Management

Corner Bowl Log Manager includes a self-contained syslog server that can be used to collect, monitor and consolidate syslog messages from both computers and devices such as network routers and firewalls.

Text Log Management

Corner Bowl Log Manager supports both delimited and non-delimited text log files. Delimited files follow a specific format enabling programmatic parsing over multiple lines. Many applications create log files using a date driven naming mechanism. Corner Bowl Log Manager enables you to monitor files within a directory that match user defined file name masks such as .txt and *.log. When a new file is detected, the service automatically starts monitoring the file contents.

Advanced Filtering

Powerful filtering searches through consolidated logs allowing you to pinpoint log entries of interest or remove noise. Both simple and complex regular expression filters are offered. Selectively flag and add notes to log entries of interest.


Many regulatory agencies require organizations to archive critical logs for future reference. Corner Bowl Log Manager will archive your logs in their entirety or as a sub-set to a central SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle database as well as to CSV, EVT, HTML, TXT, and XML files.

Alerts, Notifications and Actions

Corner Bowl Log Manager supports several different alerts and actions when key log entries are detected. Trigger actions such as sending a fully customizable email, exporting to a file, displaying a message box, playing a sound, writing key log entries to a user defined database table, forwarding key log entries to log consolidation hardware via syslog, displaying a system tray popup message or sending a SMS notification through an email-to-SMS gateway or service.

Report Generation

Generate reports that contain filtered log entries of from a set of computers. For example, receive a daily report that contains a list of all failed login attempts to your domain controllers for the last 24 hours. Report content is fully customizable through our HTML email templates. Run reports on-demand or schedule.


Corner Bowl Event Log Manager is a functional sub-set of Corner Bowl Server Manager and consists of three major components:

The Console is used to configure log management, generate reports, review consolidated logs and watch logs in real-time.

The Windows Service monitors and parses log entries, fires actions, generates scheduled reports, and automatically starts to monitor newly discovered computers.

The Tray Icon is responsible for firing user interface dependent alerts (message box, sound, system tray popup, etc.) including application status.


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