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Corner Bowl Syslog Server

Windows Syslog Server, Monitor and Consolidator

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Get's you compliant by centrally consolidating and monitoring syslogs from all your mission critical hardware and devices.

Consolidate all your syslogs to SQL Server or MySQL, monitor entries and patterns, get alerted in real-time and relay messages to other syslog servers.


Corner Bowl Syslog Manager includes a self-contained Syslog monitoring Daemon/Server that can be used to consolidate Syslog messages from Unix and Linux computers as well as devices such as switches, routers and firewalls. Once received, syslog messages are optionally filtered then saved to Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or to file.

Filters and Frequency Rules

Create and apply simple filters or complex regular expression driven filters that pick out messages of interest. Our real-time monitors support frequency rules that enable you to get notified when a specific error occurs multiple times over a period of time or does not occur within a period of time. For example:

  • Get notified when an error occurs 3 times within an hour.
  • Get notified when a successful message has not been received within a specific time period.

Alerts, Notifications and Actions

Corner Bowl Syslog Manager offers a wide range of alerts and actions including:

  • Send a fully customizable email
  • Send SNMP traps
  • Write to a database table
  • Write to a file (CSV, HTML, TXT, XML)
  • Forward to an Event Log
  • Forward to another Syslog server
  • Start a background or interactive process
  • Display a message box or tray popup on your own desktop
  • Play a sound on your own desktop

Avoid getting spammed with alerts by configuring your real-time Syslog monitors to limit the number of alerts over time. For example, receive no more than 5 alerts per hour.

Maintenance Window Support

If you have scheduled maintenance windows you don't want to receive alerts during you can configure your real-time Syslog monitors to shutdown or, if using frequency rules, suspend alerting while continuing to apply Syslog entries to your frequency rules.

Automatic Syslog Retention Policy Enforcement

Managing consolidated Syslogs is simplified with our automatic Syslog message retention policy. Configure Corner Bowl Syslog Manager to automatically remove or archive messages to an alternate database. Once archived, backup your archive database and save to an off-site storage device.

Syslog Viewer

  • Watch Syslogs in real-time
  • Create complex filters from messages
  • Supports Search, Pause, Resume and Clear
  • Copy multiple entries to the clipboard and paste into an email or text document.

Supported Syslog Consolidation Formats

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 - 2000
  • MySQL 8.0 - 5.0
  • Oracle
  • Local or Remote Files


Corner Bowl Syslog Server is a functional sub-set of Corner Bowl Server Manager and consists of three major components:

The Console is used to configure the syslog server, consolidaiton and real-time monitoring.

The Windows Service contains the syslog server, the real-time monitors and fires alerts and actions.

The Tray Icon is responsible for firing user interface dependent alerts (message box, sound, system tray popup, etc.) including application status.


How to Consolidate Syslog Messages

How to Forward or Relay Syslog Messages