Windows Syslog Server, Log Management, Consolidation, Monitoring and Compliance Software Tool

Corner Bowl Windows Syslog Server 2022

Windows Syslog Server, Log Management, Consolidation, Monitoring and Compliance Software Tool for IT Professionals

...I found (Corner Bowl) with a wonderful interface that is full of features but at the same time quite easy to understand and ... a good price.
Pierluigi D.
ICT Manager
Precision Spring Europa
August 1, 2022

What is Windows Syslog Server?

It is...

  • an enterprise class Centralized Syslog Management and Monitoring Software Tool
  • a Centralized Log Consolidator
  • a Real-Time Syslog Monitor Software Tool
  • a Log Analyzer Tool
  • a TCP and UDP Syslog Server
  • Compliance Reporting Software
  • a powerful Syslog Viewer with built-in paging, advanced search and filter capabilities
  • Compliance Software for PCI/DSS, JSIG, NIST, CJIS, HIPAA, SOX and GDPR

What does Windows Syslog Server do?

  • Gets you compliant by centralizing and monitoring syslogs from all your mission critical hardware.
  • Centrally consolidates log file entries to MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, elasticsearch, CosmosDB or to flat file
  • Real-Time monitors syslog messages for critical events
  • Schedules compliance and auditing reports
  • Sends SMS and email alerts and notifications
  • Remote executes custom Powershell scripts
  • Automatically deletes expired centralized consolidated log entries and native log file backups
  • Provides a paged view of log entries enabling IT professionals to quickly search, filter and analyze GB sized log files

Windows Syslog Server Video Overview

Windows Syslog Server Screenshots

Windows Syslog Consolidation Viewer

How does Corner Bowl Windows Syslog Server do it?

Windows Syslog Server starts TCP and UDP Syslog Servers to receive messages, monitor and centralize syslogs from devices such as switches, routers and firewalls. Once harvested, log entries are saved to either a local or offsite log repository. Windows Syslog Server provides you with 6 different methods to centralize your log entries including SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Elasiticsearch, CosmosDB and our own binary flat-file system.

  • The world's most popular
  • Embedded RDBMS
  • No configuration required
  • The world's most popular
  • Open source RDBMS
Microsoft SQL Server
  • Already have it?
  • The fastest RDBMS solution
  • Optimized batch inserts
  • Really fast and free!
  • Open source NoSQL
  • Bind to any port and Network Interface Card.
  • Includes a built-in DNS cache enabling syslog messages originating from any platform to be centrally saved using their fully qualified hostnames.
  • Optionally define syslog message delimiters such as CRLF, CR, LF or Null.
  • Automatically cleans up idle syslog client connections.

What else does Corner Bowl Windows Syslog Server include?

Powerful Syslog Viewer

  • Watch Syslogs in real-time
  • Create complex filters from messages
  • Page, search, pause, resume and clear the viewer
  • Copy multiple entries to the clipboard and paste into an email

Automatic Log Entry Retention Policy

Syslogs typically generate massive amounts of data which can easily fill a server's disk ultimately bringing down the server. Managing consolidated Syslogs is simplified with our automatic Syslog entry retention policy. Out of the box Windows Syslog Server automatically removes and optionally archive messages to an archive database freeing up disk space.

Frequency Rules

Windows Syslog Server support frequency rules that enable you to get notified when a specific message occurs multiple times within a period of time or does not occur within a period of time. For example:

  • Get notified when an error occurs 3 times within 5 minutes.
  • Get notified when an expected daily message has not been received.

Maintenance Window Support

If you have scheduled maintenance windows which may cause real-time Syslog Monitors to product false triggers you can configure your monitors to shut down or, if using frequency rules, suspend alerting while continuing to apply Syslog entries to your frequency rules.

Windows Syslog Server Feature Set



Linux, Unix and Network Hardware Syslogs
Log Consolidation
Configure syslog messages to be saved to the log repository database (e.g. Save all received syslog messages received from switches, routers and firewalls to the log repository database).
Log Monitor
Configure log monitoring (e.g. Monitor received syslog messages then trigger notifications when search criteria is detected).
Data Retention Policy
Configure how long to retain syslog entries in the log repository database (e.g. Archive syslog entries older than 30 days and remove entries older than 90 days).
Syslog Analyzer
Page through data, search for criteria, highlight entries, view entry frequencies, mark entries and export result sets.
On-Demand and Scheduled Reports
Summary Reports
Create daily summary reports so you can review your entire network in an email.
Inventory Reports
Create daily inventory reports that include operating system version, CPU detail, memory, locale, Corner Bowl Agent information version and last check-in.
Syslog Reports
Create daily syslog reports so you can monitor the health your Linux/Unix and hardware devices such as switches, routers and firewalls.

Last Updated: June 24th, 2022