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Host Properties

The Host Properties view enables you to view and modify a host's settings.

To view or modify a Host:

  • From the Explorer view, navigate to the Host you want to view or modify.
  • Right-click and select Host Properties. The Host Properties view displays.
  • The following tabs are available:
    GeneralContains name and enabled properties. See below for more information.
    Agent PropertiesContains Corner Bowl Server Manager Agent properties.
    Windows Logon AsContains impersonation logon as credential properties and a Windows connectivity test function.
    SFTP/SSH PropertiesContains SFTP/SSH properties.
    FTP/S PropertiesContains FTP/S properties.
    SNMP PropertiesContains SNMP properties.
    WMI PropertiesContains Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) properties.
    Contact PropertiesContains system administrator contact properties.
    Template Exclusion PropertiesContains Template exclusion properties.
    InventoryContains Windows system information.

General Tab:

  • Use the Name text box to specify the unique hostname or IP address. Hostnames may be NetBIOS names or fully qualified domain names (FQDN) such as
  • Use the Alias text box to specify a friendly name, rather than the hostname or IP address, when displayed throughout the application, generated Reports and triggered Actions. This option is typically used to assign meaningful names to IP addresses.
  • Use the Description text box to specify a description of the host.


  • Use the Execution controls to enable or disable the Host or temporarily disable host for a period of time.

Other Settings:

  • When the Automatically install the Server Manager Agent when an Agent-Based Template is assigned check box is set and an Agent-Based Template is assigned, Server Manager automatically remote installs the Server Manager Agent if not found or out of date. This value is set by default.
    Alert Disable this option when manually installing the Server Manager Agent on remote hosts that do not provide access to the administrator Windows Shares or remote WMI is disabled or inaccessible.
  • The Is managed by Continuous Delivery Pipelines check box is automatically set when a Continuous Delivery Pipeline adds the host to the system.
    Information Continuous Delivery Pipelines only reapply configurations to hosts which they have added. If this flag is removed, any Continuous Delivery Pipeline that discovers this host will ignore this host.
  • Use the Agent connect schedule drop-down to override the default agent connection schedule. By default, the agent connects once a minute.
    Alert Real-Time and Range schedules are not supported.
  • Use the Is Docker check box to flag the host as a Docker Engine API endpoint. Once set, assigned CPU and Memory monitor templates use the Docker Engine REST API to monitor Docker Container stats. For more information see: Docker.

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