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Assign Shares

Use the Windows Shares tab found within various share monitor templates to select the target Windows shares to act on.

  • Use the Share select method to either discover all shares or explicitly assign each share you would like to monitor.

Discover and monitor all shares

  • Use the Share exclusions list to exclude specific shares from the template (e.g. e$).
    Information To ignore a share on a specific host, use the following format:

Explicitly assign and configure each share

  • The Select a host drop-down includes a drop-down button and an add button.
  • Use the Drop-Down Drop-Down Button button to select an already existing host.
  • Use the Add Add Button button to add a new host to the system.
  • Once a host is selected, the tree view is populated with the list of shares.
  • Check each share you would like to monitor.
  • Use the Ignore share not found errors to suppress shares not found errors on hosts that do not have the assigned shares.

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