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Access Denied Errors

An Access Denied error is typically thrown by the local WMI Service when an attempt is made to access WMI functions from a host that is either not logged into the domain or when the Server Manager Service is not running with domain administrator credentials.

You may also receive an access denied error when attempting to access Administrator Shares such as c$, d$, e$ etc.

Verify the error:

  • Open a command-prompt and type:
  • The Wbemtest application opens.
  • Click Connect.
  • From the Namespace text box, type:
    Where HOSTNAME is the name of the remote host throwing the error. If either host resides on a different domain or within a workgroup, specify administrator credentials that reside on the remote host or domain.
  • Click Connect. You should receive the Access Denied error. If you do not receive the error, verify the service is running under the same credentials as the account you are logged into the server with or Server Manager is configured to logon to the remote host as the account you are logged into the server with.

Verify service credentials:

  • From the Management Console, select View | Dashboard.
  • From the Service Status table verify the Logon as value is set to either a domain or local administrator account. If the value is SYSTEM or an non-administrator account, from the menu select Service | Change Service Logon .
  • The Change Service Logon dialog displays. Enter administrator credentials then click OK.

Verify WMI permissions:

  • Ensure WMI permissions have been set correctly. From the remote host throwing the error, open a command-prompt and type: wmimgmt.msc
  • Right-click on the WMI Control (local) node and select Properties. Select the Security tab and navigate to root/CIMV2. Click the Security button. Grant the account you and the service are using to access logs Remote Enable and Read Security rights.

Verify DCOM settings:

For more information see: Securing a Remote WMI Connection

Verify Windows shares are enabled:

  • From the host you are unable to download logs from, verify Windows Shares are enabled.

Other things to try:

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