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Arithmetic Overflow Errors

The Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int. Arithmetic overflow occurred. error is thrown by SQL Server when the Identity column has reached the maximum size of an integer or 2,147,483,647.

Verify the error:

  • Execute the log consolidation template on the host that is throwing the error.

How to resolve:

This error is resolved by reseeding the table which fills in the gaps that were created when removing or archiving old entries during the Log Entry Retention Policy execution.

  • From the Explorer View, expand the root Hosts node then navigate through the tree to the target host.
  • Expand the target host then right click on the Log Consolidation template throwing the error and select Explore. The Monitor Status View displays.
  • From the Monitor Status View, select the Data Properties tab.
  • From the Data Properties tab
  • Use the Log drop-down to select the errant log, typically, the Windows Security Event Log.
  • Click the Reseed Reseed Button button. The Reseeding View displays then automatically starts to reseed the table.
    Alert The reseed function copies all the rows from the errant table to a new temporary table, then the errant table is deleted. Next, the entries in the temporary table are written back to a new table which automatically reseeds the table. Finally, the temporary table is deleted.

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