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Security Event Log Report Filters Properties

The Filters Tab found in various Security Event Log Report property views, enables you to filter Active Directory users and groups as well as apply standard Event Log entry filters.

How to filter Active Directory users:

For more information see: Active Directory User and Group Filters.

How to apply standard Event Log entry filters:

  • Use the Log Entry Filters controls to assign Event Log entry filters.
  • Once a filter is assigned, use the Include entries that pass drop-down to select the filter method.

The following filter options are available:

AllInclude each entry that passes all assigned filters.
AnyInclude each entry that passes any filter.
NoneInclude each entry that does not pass any of the filters.
IgnoreInclude all entries.

How to remove previously assigned filters:

  • To delete an item, either select a single line item or use the shift and/or ctrl keys multi-select, then either press the Delete key or press the Delete Delete Button button.
  • To clear all listed items, press the Clear Clear Button button.

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