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SNMP Browser

The SNMP Browser enables users to browse SNMP device MIB trees, walk Object Identifiers, execute SNMP Get and Get Next commands to retrieve SNMP Variables and lastly, create SNMP Get Monitor Templates from SNMP Variables.

How to browse an SNMP device's MIB tree:

  • From the Explorer View, expand the root Hosts tree node then navigate to the target SNMP device, right click then select SNMP Browser. The SNMP Browser View displays.
    Information If the menu item is not available, see SNMP Device Connection Properties to configure the SNMP device connectivity.

How to browse a SNMP device's MIB tree:

  • Use the Object Identifier text box to specify the Object Identifier you would like to navigate too.
  • Click the Get button to execute an SNMP Get command on the specified Object Identifier.
  • Click the Get Next button to execute an SNMP Get Next command on the specified Object Identifier.
  • Click the Walk button to execute SNMP Get Next commands until the Object Identifier tree terminates.

How to create an SNMP Get Monitor Template from a SNMP Variable:

  • From either the Tree View or the List View, right click on any SNMP Variable then select New SNMP Get Monitor Temlate. The New SNMP Get Monitor Template View displays.
  • For more information see: SNMP Get Monitor Template

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