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File Integrity Monitor Template

The File Integrity Monitor Template enables you to monitor a directory for changes made to files. The template scans directories using Windows Shares and SFTP/SSH to create file access, file attribute and file content baselines then continually re-scans to let you know when a file is accessed, modified or deleted.

The File Integrity Monitor Template uses Windows Shares, SFTP or FTP/S depending on the host type to scan directories on Windows, Unix, Linux and other operating systems. Access Permissions are scanned on Windows Servers using WMI.

How to configure the File Integrity Monitor Template:

  • From the Menu Bar, select File | New. The Create New Object View displays.
  • From the Create New Object View, expand Templates | File and Directory Monitors then select File Integrity Monitor. The New Template Properties View displays.
  • The Template Properties view contains 6 tabs.

The Options Tab

  • Use the Directories drop-down to select the directory to configure.
    Information Use the Files and Sub-Directories tab to specify the files and sub-directories to target and exclude.
  • The following options are available:
    AccessedNotifies you when a file is accessed.
    ModifiedNotifies you when a file is modified.
    CreatedValidates the file was not replaced with another file that contains a different creation time.
    AttributesValidates file attributes such as Hidden and Read-Only have not changed.
    Access PermissionsPerforms and exhaustive scan of file permissions then notifies you when any permissions have been added, modified or removed.
    File Contents HashPerforms a hash using the file contents then notifies you when any bits have changed.
    File ContentsBaselines the entire file contents then validates no bits have changed.
    File SizeNotifies you when the file size changes.
File Integrity Monitor Trigger Properties

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