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Logon Monitor Template

The Logon Monitor Template enables you to get notified when specific users or users in a specific group logon or fail to logon. This template is typically used by systems administrators that want to be notified when specific users attempt to login or successfully login. This template uses WMI to either subscribe to or scan the Security Event Log.

How to configure the Logon Monitor Template:

  • From the Menu Bar, select File | New. The Create New Object View displays.
  • From the Create New Object View, expand Templates | Windows Monitors then select Logon Monitor. The New Template Properties View displays.
  • The Template Properties view contains 3 tabs.

The Options Tab

  • Use the Level drop-down to choose between Success Audit and Failure Audit events.
  • Use the Event IDs check boxes to select the specific Event IDs to monitor.
  • Use the Logon Types check boxes to select the logon types to monitor.
  • Finally, select the General Tab, then click the click the Auto-Generate Name Auto-Generate Name Button button to auto-generate a name based on the configured settings.

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