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Powerful text log monitoring software for your Windows and Unix based servers.

Monitor and consolidate server application log files, create complex filters, apply regular expressions and define log entry delimiter rules for easy entry identification.

Supports Windows and Ubuntu Servers

Text Log Monitor enables users to not only monitor log files on Windows Servers but also, using SSH, Ubuntu Server logs and other Unix/Linux based server logs can be monitored and consolidated as well.

Delimited and Non-Delimited

Supports both delimited and non-delimited text log files. Delimited files follow a specific format enabling programmatic parsing over multiple lines, for example, syslog files. Delimited files are read line by line until the next entry delimiter is reached. Once reached, all lines are concatenated together to form an entry. Non-delimited files do not follow any specific format making programmatic parsing impossible. Non-delimited log files are read and filtered line by line.

Directory Monitor

Many applications create log files using a random or a date driven naming mechanism. Text Log Monitor enables you to monitor files within a directory that match user defined file name masks that include time based criteria such as *.txt and *<yyyyMMdd>.log. When a new file is detected, Text Log Monitor automatically starts monitoring the file contents.

Advanced Filtering

Text Log Monitor's powerful filtering searches through text logs allowing you to pin point critical log entries using simple or complex regular expression driven filters.


Sarbanes-Oxley may require your organization to archive critical log files for future reference and accountability. Text Log Monitor will archive your logs in their entirety or as a sub-set to a central SQL Server or MySQL database as well as to CSV, HTML, TXT, or XML files.

Alerts, Notifications, and Actions

Trigger actions such as fully customizable email, export to file, message box, sound, write to database, write to event log, forward to syslog, system tray message, SMS notification, and start a process.

Automatic Report Generation

Create scheduled web and email reports that contain specific entries, for example, receive a daily email that contains critical application information contained within its service log.

User Interface

Text Log Monitor includes a text log viewer that enables users to view, search, filter and tail large text files replacing popular command-line text file parsing tools enabling efficient and repeatable log analysis.

Key Features

  • Monitor text log files and fire various actions and alerts.
  • Archive specific log entries to either a file server, SQL Server or MySQL.
  • Analyze large log files quickly while only using minimal resources.
  • Specify complex filters & search criteria using regular expressions.
  • Consolidate logs by exporting entire or filtered logs to user defined SQL Server or MySQL tables or to one of the following file formats: CSV, HTML, TEXT, and XML.
  • Forward filtered logs to your Syslog server
  • Raise custom detailed and mobile friendly email alerts
  • Supports SMTP TLS 1.2 authentication
  • Single installation monitors entire network
  • No installation requirements on managed computers


Corner Bowl Text Log Monitor is a functional sub-set of Corner Bowl Server Manager and consists of three major components:

The Console is used to configure the logs to monitor, configure the reports to generate, and view, tail, search, and filter log files.

The Windows Service monitors files and generates scheduled reports. When changes are made to a file being monitored, the changes are parsed, all assigned filters are executed, actions completed, and alerts fired.

The Tray Icon is responsible for firing user interface dependent alerts (message box, sound, system tray popup, etc.) including application status.


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