Centralized Text-Based Application Log Management and Monitoring Software Tool

Corner Bowl Text Log Monitor 2022

Text and Application Log Monitoring, Management, Consolidation, Security, Compliance and Uptime Software Tool for IT Professionals

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Todd B.
I.T. Manager
July 6, 2022

What is Text Log Monitor?

It is...

  • an enterprise-class Centralized Text-Based Application Log Management Software Tool
  • a Centralized Text-Based Application Log Management Software Tool
  • a Centralized Application Log Consolidator
  • a Real-Time Application Log Monitoring Software Tool
  • a Log Analyzer Tool
  • an Application Log Report Generator
  • An enhanced Text Log Viewer with advanced search and filter capabilities
  • Supports text-based application logs generated on Windows and Linux/Unix operating systems
  • Compliance Software for PCI/DSS, JSIG, NIST, CJIS, HIPAA, SOX and GDPR

What does Text Log Monitor do?

  • Saves Application Logs and Linux Audit Logs to a central location fulfilling many compliance requirements
  • Centrally consolidates log file entries to MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Elasticsearch, CosmosDB or to flat file
  • Real-Time monitors log files for critical events
  • Schedules compliance and auditing reports
  • Sends SMS and email alerts and notifications
  • Remote executes custom Powershell scripts
  • Automatically deletes expired centralized consolidated log entries and native log file backups
  • Discovers new Active Directory servers and workstations then automatically configures centralized log consolidation and log monitoring
  • Provides a paged view of log entries enabling IT professionals to quickly search, filter and analyze GB sized log files

How to Centralize and Backup Linux Log Files

Text Log Monitor Screenshots

Consolidated Application Log Viewer

How does Corner Bowl Text Log Monitor do it?

Once harvested, log entries are saved to either a local or offsite log repository. Text Log Monitor provides you with 3 different methods to centralize your log entries including including SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Elasiticsearch, CosmosDB and our own binary flat-file system.

  • The world's most popular
  • Embedded RDBMS
  • No configuration required
  • The world's most popular
  • Open source RDBMS
Microsoft SQL Server
  • Already have it?
  • The fastest RDBMS solution
  • Optimized batch inserts
Corner Bowl Flat-File System Format
  • Really fast and free!
  • Open source NoSQL
  • Uses a combination of Windows Shares, FTP/SSH and FTP/S to tail and download audit, system and application log files from any platform.
  • Optionally, installs as an agent to reliably centralize logs 12x faster than native Windows APIs while eliminating the requirement of running as a Domain Administrator!
  • Eliminates the need to open ports on Work From Home (WFH) user networks by proxying through your own Azure Relay Hybrid Connection.

What does Corner Bowl Text Log Monitor include?

Define Multi-Line Log Entries

Supports both delimited and non-delimited text log files. Delimited files follow a specific format enabling programmatic parsing over multiple lines, for example, syslog files. Delimited files are read line by line until the next entry delimiter is reached. Once reached, all lines are concatenated together to form an entry. Non-delimited files do not follow any specific format making programmatic parsing impossible. Non-delimited log files are read and filtered line by line.

Define and Monitor Date Based Directories and Application Log Files

Many applications create log files using a random or a date driven naming mechanism. Text Log Monitor enables you to monitor files within a directory that match user defined file name masks that include time based criteria such as *.txt and *<yyyyMMdd>.log. When a new file is detected, Text Log Monitor automatically starts monitoring the file contents.


Compliance requirements may require your organization to archive critical log files for future reference and accountability. Text Log Monitor will archive your logs in their entirety or as a sub-set to a central SQL Server or MySQL database as well as to CSV, HTML, TXT, or XML files.

Automatic Report Generation

Create scheduled web and email reports that contain specific entries, for example, receive a daily email that contains critical application information contained within its service log file.

Enhanced Log Viewer

Text Log Monitor includes a text log viewer that pages data enables users to view, search, filter and tail large text files replacing popular command-line text file parsing tools while enabling efficient and repeatable log analysis.

Text Log Management Feature Set



Application and Text Log
Log Consolidation
Configure log consolidation (e.g. Schedule Log Manager to download the latest text log entries from both Windows and Linux/Unix servers then save to Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL once an hour).
Log File Backup
Backup, compress, encrypt and sign text logs files (e.g. Download application and text log entries using Windows Shares and SFTP/SSH every night).
Log Monitor
Configure log monitoring (e.g. Create a real-time or polling application or text log monitor then trigger notifications when search criteria is detected).
Data Retention Policy
Configure how long to retain text log entries in the log repository database (e.g. Archive entries older than 30 days and remove entries older than 90 days).
Application Log Analyzer
Page through data, search for criteria, highlight entries, view entry frequencies, mark entries and export result sets.
On-Demand and Scheduled Reports
Summary Reports
Create daily summary reports so you can review your entire network in an email.
Inventory Reports
Create daily inventory reports that include operating system version, CPU detail, memory, locale, Corner Bowl Agent information version and last check-in.
Application and Text Log Report
Create daily application and text log reports so you can monitor the health of your network applications.

Last Updated: June 22nd, 2022