SNMP Trap and Variable Monitoring Software Tool

Corner Bowl SNMP Monitor 2022

SNMP Trap and Variable Monitoring Software Tool for IT Professionals

a sub-component of Server Manager and Internet Server Monitor

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Corey R.
Systems Administrator
June 29, 2022

What Does Corner Bowl Include?

  • A SNMP Trap receiver or SNMP Trap server enabling network administrators to monitor SNMP Traps from any device, host or operating system.
  • A SNMP Get Monitor Template enabling network administrators to poll SNMP Variables, apply complex filter criteria and fire alerts.
  • A SNMP Trap Action enabling network administrators to fire SNMP Traps on behalf of each managed device through Corner Bowl.
  • A SNMP Browser enabling you to walk any devices SNMP Variable tree without the requirement of loading MIB files.

How Does Corner Bowl Do It?

  • Corner Bowl extends open source SNMP libraries to receive SNMP Traps and poll SNMP Variables.
  • Corner Bowl automatically manages any device sending SNMP Traps to the localhost.
  • Corner Bowl includes a consolidation database enabling network administrators to save SNMP Traps as long as compliance audits require.
  • SNMP Actions are fired though our own Microsoft SNMP Agent DLL enabling network administrators to utilize the built-in SNMP Service provided on all Microsoft's operating systems.

SNMP Trap Receiver and SNMP Get Monitor Video Overview

SNMP Manager / Network Management Station (NMS)

Corner Bowl is a SNMP Manager also known as a Network Management Station (NMS) responsible for monitoring managed devices such as switches, routers, printers and Linux machines.

  • Receive and act on SNMP Traps.
  • Save SNMP Trap history to the data repository for the duration required by compliance audit requirements.
  • Browse and monitor SNMP variables using complex filter criteria to match any requirements.

Managed Device / SNMP Agent

Corner Bowl is an SNMP Agent that simplifies management by aggregating all of your Managed Devices without the need to install SNMP Agents on each Managed Device. Corner Bowl includes a pre-installed SNMP Trap enabling network administrators to forward triggered monitor detail to either the local SNMP Manager (Corner Bowl) or to external enterprise SNMP Managers such as:

SNMP Browser

  • Corner Bowl includes an SNMP Browser enabling you to walk any devices SNMP Variable tree.
  • Right click on any SNMP Variable and create monitors using complex graphical filter criteria as well as C Sharp script criteria.
  • Corner Bowl gets network administrators up and running quickly by removing the requirement of tracking down and loading MIB files into the SNMP Browser.

SNMP Trap Receiver Configuration

  • Run the SNMP Trap receiver server on any port and bind to any local IP address.
  • Supports DNS lookup to convert device and Linux server IP addresses to hostnames for each identification.
  • Map OID values to friendly names.
  • Assign multiple SNMP communities for accessing secured SNMP Variables.

Supported SNMP RFCs

Supported SNMP Versions

SNMPv1RFC 1157
SNMPv2RFC 1411, RFC 1452
SNMPv2cRFC 1901 - RFC 1908
SNMPv3RFC 3410

Supported SNMP Data Types

  • Integer
  • Integer32
  • Unsigned32
  • Gauge32
  • Counter32
  • TimeTicks
  • Counter64
  • Octet String
  • IpAddress
  • Object Identifier

Last Updated: June 22nd, 2022